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World of Warcraft Bot Success Stories

WoW Bot TestimonialsWhen I bought this bot, I was level 35 and I absolutely hate questing. I learned how to make patrols thanks to some of the people in the public ventrilo. I got from level 35 to 80 in less then a few days and I currently have 8500g on my horde pally. Thank you alot ... no other bot compares.
- from WoWMimic WoW Bot user Riflegod9

WoW Bot TestimonialsI've been using Silverbolt for only 3 days now and during that time I've gained 9000 gold. Personally I think it's pretty damn good since I only bot with one account and I only have mining. On the process I've helped the economy (yes, yay me) by making cobalt bars now available for poor people too. When I started cobalt bars went for 10g each.. yes.. 10 effin gold for each bar! And now they're down to a nice 20g a stack. I don't mind the prices going radically down because now they sell almost instantly and because I pretty much have unlimited amout of cobalt to sell I couldn't be happier I only use the gold for myself and well.. maybe sell some to my lads for cheap price. I usually am really sceptic about all 3rd party tools because I've had some bad experiences with them but I can honestly say buying a subscription for WoW Elite and WoW Silverbolt was not in vain. Long live MMOMimic PS. I'd also like to thank the community for posting their awesome patrols, you guys and girls are awesome.
- from WoWMimic user Drklf

WoW Bot TestimonialsWoWMimic PvPAdvance is the best thing invented next to bacon. I have reached the honor limit 3 times in just 5 days. I love this bot! - from WoWMimic PvPAdvance WoW PvP Bot user Elektrik

WoW Bot TestimonialsHello there my name is Hazzardouz. I would just like to thank Mimic on such a wonderful piece of software. This is absolutely amazing. I can confirm that this bot is one of a kind. So simple to setup, I did not even have to ask for any support. The pre-set fighting styles of the bot looks so realistic too, you would never be able to notice that it isn't a human playing with all the different combos. Just seem to be one function missing and that's a minimize to tray option. I rate this product 9.5/10. Awesome work. - From a glad wow botter WoWMimic User Hazzardouz

WoW Bot TestimonialsHay guys,

Ok so thanks for this wow bot it seriously is amazing,
I'm making bank off wowmimic silverbolt gathering like a boss!
Spend a little money to make more and you could technically make 100k in a month just by farming at night (and im gonna do an ore farm tonight to check how much i get from that)

Srsly this wow bot is worth it!

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